What Is Assisted Living? Your guide to services and benefits.

Assisted living facilities are residences that offer housing to seniors who cannot live alone, choose to not live independently, or their relatives need assistance caring for them. In this blog, we will discuss 13 signs an elderly person should not be living alone, and the services offered in assisted living facilities. 

Signs My Loved One Should Not Be Living Alone

Independence is important to aging adults and many family members fear for their loved ones to lose their ability to live alone unsupervised and safely. According to A Place for Mom, signs you should look out for include: 

  1. Unpaid bills piling up. 
  2. No meal schedule in place and noticeable weight loss. 
  3. Extreme mood changes. 
  4. Messy and dirty home. This includes yard and regular house maintenance too. 
  5. Struggling with or forgetting daily tasks. 
  6. Noticeable signs of depression. Take a look at their energy level- is it lower than usual? 
  7. Wearing dirty or worn-out clothing and poor personal hygiene. 
  8. Expired groceries. 
  9. Displaying forgetfulness- this included losing keys, missing important appointments, or not taking medication. 
  10. Loss of interest in things they once enjoyed. 
  11. Struggling with sitting up or standing on their own. 
  12. Bruises and scratches appearing on their skin randomly. 
  13. Damages to their car. 

These red flags should not be ignored and can put their safety at risk. A long-term solution such as an assisted living community may benefit your loved one and it is worth having that conversation if you think it is right for them. 

What services do Assisted Living Facilities offer? 

Peace of mind for family members, caregivers and residents is one of the many benefits of placing your loved one in assisted living. Aside from that, the services can be valuable to seniors. Assisted living communities are more than housing- they offer support where and when it is needed. If you are planning on moving your loved one into a facility, you can expect services including:


Meals prepared three times a day

Meals are an exciting time for residents and it is something they look forward to. In the assisted living communities, no meal is excluded and the chefs make sure to include the healthy nutrition needed for seniors to stay healthy. Best of all, there is no stress on seniors to go grocery shopping, cook and then clean up after themselves. Residents are encouraged to drink from hydration carts and eat snacks throughout the day to make sure they are getting their caloric intake.  Meals at these communities are a time to sit back, enjoy and socialize with neighbors. 


Medication management 

Assisted living facilities take the worry out of medication management for seniors. Family members can relax knowing their loved one’s medication is being managed and controlled. Any and all daily tasks are taken care of by supportive caregivers if needed. 


Grooming assistance 

With the help of the resident’s caregivers, they will stay looking and feeling fresh! Personal care is important so that we can feel the best. Care staff take care of tasks such as dressing, toileting and personal hygiene and are there to support residents where it is needed so they are safe and happy and can focus on their wellbeing. 


Transportation to and from appointments 

Aside from forgetfulness, seniors may have issues standing up from a seated position, sitting up. There are cases when seniors should not be driving and they can put their safety at risk if they do so. With the transportation services at assisted living facilities,  scheduling a ride is super easy and stress-free. The residences include vans or buses to help seniors get to and from their destinations safely. 



The goal is to help seniors with chores that can be overwhelming for them. Housekeeping is included as a service to alleviate the residents and have them focus on more enjoyable activities instead. 


Activities and socialization for residents 

There is always something fun to do! Activities vary by location but may include field trips to local attractions, exercise classes, live music, game nights, movie nights and more. Team members get to know the residents and encourage them to participate in activities they might enjoy to help get their energy levels up and bring more joy to their lives. 


24/7 caregivers

Offering support at all hours of the day or night, caregivers are always there for residents. Families can relax knowing their loved one is being taken care of and supervised at all times. 



Services offered to your loved one may vary, depending on what their specific needs are and their level of independence. It is also important to note that assisted living facilities are not the same as skilled nursing facilities. Skilled nursing facilities offer residents 24/7 specially trained medical staff and more clinical care services such as rehabilitation services and cardiac care to name a few. 



This blog is made for educational purposes only as well as general information. This blog should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from your physician/doctor. Always consult your physician for specific medical advice.